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Want to run your own Art institute? FRANCHISE is the solution.

Join one of India's largest and most successful franchises. We are now open in LONDON, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, DUBAI, MADURAI, TRICHY, BANGALORE, TIRUVANNAMALAI, MYLAPORE, ANNA NAGAR and TAMBARAM.

Dubai Franchise Details

Name: Malavika
Start year: Jan 2020
Qualification: MBA International Business
Insta id:
Fb id: Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam Dubai

Madurai Franchise Details

Name: Sruthi B
Start year: Nov 2020
Qualification: BE., PGDM.,
Insta id: kalaikudam.madurai
Fb id: Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam Madurai

Tiruvannamalai Franchise Details

Name: Haripriya
Start year: Sep 2020
Qualification: B. E, BFA.,
Insta id: kalaikudamtiruvannamalai
Fb id: Sri Annai Kamakshi Kalaikudam tiruvannamalai

Thiruvanmiyur Franchise Details

Name: Swathi.M
Start year: 2020
Qualification: science and engineering, Diploma in painting
Insta id: Sri annai Kamakshi kalaikudam Thiruvanmiyur
Fb id: Sri annai Kamakshi kalaikudam Thiruvanmiyur

Germany Franchise Details

Name: Lavanya
Start year: Sep 2020
Qualification: B.E
Insta id: kalaikudam.Germany

Hillingdon Franchise Details

Name: Anisha
Start year: Jan 2022
Qualification: M.Tech Polymer Science and Technology
Insta id: kalaikudam.hillingdon
email id:

What We need from you:

  • Passion for Arts-based education
  • Commitment to partnership
  • Geographical knowledge
  • Should Have small Studio Or space to Take Classes
  • Can also Operate from Home

What we will Provide:

  • Provide Syllabus
  • Training support
  • Systems support
  • Student Leads

We have created a platform for franchisors who can avail Online home-based Franchise Opportunities in India. We are also offering work-from-home Franchise opportunities for housewives. Browse your business ownership options today!

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